Tuesday, April 13, 2021

The Uttarakhand Warning

The news of the BJP govt in Uttarakhand (UK) reversing its decision to takeover 51 temples came on April 9. That is 3 days after the elections in Tamil Nadu were over. Maybe they should have announced it a week before the TN elections as the party promised to remove govt interference in temples in TN too. Of course, the party was vague about the promise and PM Narendra Modi himself did not shout about it in any of his speeches. So, there is enough doubt that it was just an election stunt as BJP is not expected to wield any power in TN and, worse, it would end up in nothing if DMK returned to power. However, one must give credit to the BJP that they managed to create some noise about “Temple freedoms” and wanting to be the “saviour” and also get some associates to blow their blaring trumpets:

That’s right! The BJP technically has no stake in Tamil Nadu other than a token presence so they can promise anything. They can even promise life-size Rihanna dolls and it wouldn’t have made any difference. But there are other charlatans parading as “spiritual gurus” who suddenly started off on a free-temples campaign. Notably, Jaggi Vasudev who styles himself as “Sadhguru” started a campaign around November-December 2020 with gentle tweets and interviews about temples. This guy is not exactly a “Hindu guru” but an amalgam of all the ingredients of “Bhel Puri” from every religion and some of his own concoction. Now, even given all that, there is nothing wrong if one is campaigning to free temples but this extra-ordinary timing with TN elections and considering the fact that this JV abuses Hindu icons made everyone raise eyebrows.

Someone put out a video of JV where he speaks in a very flippant manner about the relationship between Krishna and Yashoda and alludes to the relationship as “Ras-Leela” and the mother being unable to adjust to the sudden physical growth of Krishna. And these moronic comments to earlier comments on Yoga having nothing to do with Hinduism or Shivratri not being Hindu – it reflects a sick mind that neither understands Hinduism nor scientific concepts. JV stupidly asserts “If Yoga is Hindu, then Gravity is Christian”. Obviously, it’s a dumb statement without a decent understanding of the two. I have explained JV’s ignorance of “invention” and “discovery” in a whole thread on Twitter.

Everyone who knows a bit about JV suspects he fears the return of DMK to power for some reason and there might be investigations into his suspected land scams and encroachment of forest lands in Coimbatore. Therefore, they suspected his sudden love for temples when he trashes and distorts Hindu practices and values and particularly his love for only TN temples. Prior to February 23 this year, JV made no tweets specifically about TN temples. He was just in time to act as the sidekick of BJP in its election campaign:

Interestingly, JV marks his #TNTemple tweets to superstar Rajinikanth also. Maybe he hopes Rajini will whisper into the ears of both party leaders and put in a good word for JV. Hindus from various parts of the country have been sporadically vocal about freedom for their temples from govt control and abuse. Some of the richest temples in India are victims of loot by the govt. In addition to the loot, the temples are corrupted by employing Non-Hindu personnel who don’t have any devotion to the temple or its deity. Naturally, when JV’s abuse of Hindu icons was brought up, his Nazi-like moronic foot-soldiers started abusing Hindus who were questioning the motives of this sudden temple charade. Mind you, JV is not campaigning for “Hindu” temples but specifically for “TN temples” as great, divine assets of Tamil and Dravidian culture. Now, the problem is the TN campaign will fizzle out like a “Seasonal Cocktail” but since UK reversed its temple-takeover decision, the charlatan and his sidekicks were desperate to claim some victory from somewhere:

Nazi-like footsies of JV grandly claim that he hasn’t staked any credit for the turnaround in UK. But these morons don’t read the language of his tweet and the congratulatory messages Bollywood blabbermouths are showering on him. JV grandly thanks his 3cr (whoever they are) for UK but the charlatan that he is, he never once tweeted about UK temples. When the UK govt made the decision to takeover temples there was no protest by JV, not even a mild one. JV did not even yelp like a little puppy about the temples being taken over but grandly sends out a message as if he and his gang had anything to with it. No, for the morons who behave like Nazi footsies of JV, one doesn’t have to expressly state “I take credit, I am glad I achieved this”. It is IMPLICIT in the message and the tone of the message. Only dumb fools would claim otherwise. There were others, like former CBI cop M Nageswara Rao, also dancing over this as if this was some accomplishment of his but the real credit is due to the priests of UK who protested and agitated:

One particular priest, Santosh Trivedi, was on a shirtless protest at Kedarnath in the cold weather for 10 days. None of these fake gurus or other “Professional Election Temple warriors” had any decency to credit the fighting priests directly. It would be obvious to anyone that the temple takeover in UK was one of the dumbest decisions of BJP and severely at odds with its grand promise to free temples from govt control Tamil Nadu. The BJP manifesto for TN included this promise and one wonders how they are going to be able to do anything about temples in TN even if they win all the 20 seats they contested in TN. Such daring promises are usually made when the party is sure of losing elections. Pappu makes such promises in states where Congress stands very little or zero chance of winning (Like making everything from ships to chips in Bundelkhand, Barmer etc). A prospective winner is careful in making promises, a sure-shot loser can promise the moon:

Winners are busy doing business and winning, losers run to the media. Predictably, when the charlatan JV was blasted for all the abuse he showered on Hindu icons he rushed to the current BJP pimps Timesnow and Republic to save his bottom. In my books, these frequent TV-hugging fake-gurus are anyway charlatans who pay PR money in the initial stages through agencies to promote themselves. But when JV appeared on RepublicTV he again grandly abused Brahmins as corrupt, promoting caste-prejudices in this day and age. There is no problem if those are his opinions but he uses these as justification for his free-temple nonsense and a NAC like body to be created to manage temples. In short, a Sonia-type body will manage temples with charlatans of a political colour:

While the BJP grandly promised to free temples in TN, the promise came from all their useless foot-soldiers like JP Nadda, CT Ravi or Tejasvi Surya and some others. Modi himself did not utter anything about temples of TN. He visited some TN temples to “emotionally appease” blind Hindus just as he has been cave-meditation, puja and disco-bhajans. The blind Hindus go ga-ga over such temple visits as if Modi has done the gods or the devotees some great favour. In fact, Modi does absolutely NOTHING for Hindus but keeps them emotionally idiotic. In return, many of them worship them as a god. Someone calls him Avatar of Vishnu; someone calls him Ishwar – that is how low the brainless ones can fall. All of Modi’s drama is not different from vote-bank mix that Congress has followed for ages – a potent mix of Dalit-OBC-SC-ST-Muslim:

Modi doesn’t get mass Muslim votes but he hopes that there will just be enough Muslims who will compensate for the loss of the negligible Upper Caste Hindu votes he keeps losing. Look at Modi’s personal Gods – MK Gandhi – anti-Hindu, Mujibur Rehman – anti-Hindu, “Butcher of Calcutta, who Modi lies by calling “hero for all Indians”, Jyotirao Phule – a strong anti-Hindu jerk, calls AMU a den of anti-Hindus a “Mini India”. Modi claimsMohammad’s teachings can take the world forward” when Islamists are the most regressive lot in the world. Modi nurtures a strong contempt for upper caste Hindus.  In case you didn’t observe, the ones most agitating for temple-freedoms are UC Hindus and that is why Modi doesn’t give a damn about them or the freedom of temples. So, why reverse the UK decision? The answer is simple. The temples in UK are among the most favourites for Yatras by Hindus, UK is a religious and heritage destination, the Kumbh Melas there generate huge revenues. And most of all, elections in UK are coming up in March 2022.

There’s a hilarious story from Karnataka that should also explain the temple-chors of BJP. Three Muslim men Nawaz, Rahim and Taufeeq had urinated in a temple and dropped condoms in the Hundi of the temple. One of the criminals, Nawaz, died and while dying he told the other that the wrath of Lord Shiva had killed him. The other two got rattled and scared and went to the police and confessed their sin. I guess that’s what happened to idiots of BJP too. The guy who decided to steal temples in UK (Trivendra Rawat) lost his job and I guess the party feared a backlash in the upcoming elections less than a year away. UK is a WARNING for BJP – their anti-Hindu conduct and fooling of Hindus has reached a stage that will invariably invite some divine retribution by voters if they don’t immediately correct course. Modi will not last forever, Hindus will.

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Thursday, April 1, 2021

The Hindu Price Of Lipstick

In India, every Constitutional office can be corrupted by the ruling party. Everyone can be co-opted, even the Judiciary. Other arms of the GOI like CBI, IT, NIA, ED often become election campaigners. We have seen ED suddenly springing into action against Vadra before LS2019, against Praful Patel before Maharashtra elections, over Saradha-Narada in Bengal 2016. CEC Sunil Arora announced Bengal elections in 8 PHASES. It’s a moronic decision and totally unwarranted. No matter what the problem, a single state election cannot go beyond 3-4 phases. But the 8-phase nonsense is to shower some advantage to the BJP to “make adjustments” after each phase and “internal” exit polls. In contrast, an equally big state like Tamil Nadu has only 1-phase election. When asked about it by Timesnow, Arora grandly stated that it’s because of the rise in crimes in Bengal. Absolute Balderdash! The National Crime Records Bureau statistics do not corroborate his claim and if you look at TN population it is just about 15% less then Bengal:

The 2019 IPC crimes for TN is 1.68 lakhs and for Bengal it is 1.57 lakhs. Take all these stats with a pinch of salt. But the crime-rate is not so dramatically different that one needs 8 phases of elections and the other needs only 1 phase with higher crimes. I have shown the total IPC crimes. There are other categories of crimes like SLL (State & Local Laws) crimes where Bengal is far lower. If you add up IPC and SLL crimes, then TN is 4.55 lakhs and Bengal is 1.88 lakhs. So, Sunil Arora is bluffing for his justification of 8 phases of polls in Bengal. We know the reasons better. While Arora blabbered his nonsense to Navika Kumar, these journos aren’t bright enough to be prepared with stats. Their leading questions to even Constitutional authorities are to justify wrong doings. To say CEC is independent of GOI would be moronic. In 2002, in his entire campaign, Modi constantly referred to the CEC as James Michael Lyngdoh so that Gujaratis knew he was a Christian and thus allegedly favourable to SoniaG.  Modi even asked “has JML come from Italy?” to imply Lyngdoh’s bias. So, Sunil Arora is no angel.

Modi was invited to Mujibur Rahman’s centenary celebrations in March 2020 but there were protests and the event got postponed to 2021 and remained low-key. The Mujibur-celebrations in March 2020 were cancelled due to protests and the anger in BD over NRC/CAA. It is not owing to Covid as some are trying to spin because neither Modi nor Bangladesh were quite aware of the Covid problem in early 2020. Modi reacted to the Covid pandemic only around March 21, 2020. If protests broke out last year, Modi is not so dumb that he couldn’t anticipate there would be protests this year too. But the temptation to visit BD and slyly influence Bengal elections through appeasement of Muslims was too good to let go:

In the last few years, everything Modi does is mostly for electoral wins or for some cheap awards from the West or Islamic states. His visit to Bangladesh was another of those “election stunts”. And each time Modi’s craving for lipstick grows bigger, it’s Hindus that pay a price. Once in BD, predictably, Modi would go to a Kali Ma temple (A favourite Goddess of Bengalis) and then he would also meet the Matua community (which is also a vote-bank in Bengal). In short, monkey-balancing with Muslim appeasement. Of course, there is pleasing Bangla Muslims in Bengal with awards to Mujibur, visit and prayer at his tomb, plus vaccines and ambulances. And all this is in addition to remembering “Shri Ram” during election campaigns.

It is only natural that Modi feels blessed and later remarked that he prayed to Kali Ma to save the world from Covid. That Modi wants to visit temples and pray is fine. Politicians are known to use religion for election and vote-bank politics. So, we can overlook that. But the problem starts when morons all over claim that Modi’s act of visiting a temple, prostrating and praying “sends a message to all Hindus” that he is an “Unapologetic” Hindu. This is where the FALSEHOOD about Modi and the lies by his idiotic Bhajan Mandli start and they cover-up for the manner in which Modi fools Hindus with his stunts:

Although I quote only Gaurav Sawant, there are thousands of idiots who claim Modi has done Hindus a huge favour by being a Hindu or going to some temple. This is how Hindus are fooled into gullible slavery. In the 7 years that Modi has been PM, not once has he stood for any Hindu cause and nor has he ever raised his voice against any atrocity against Hindus. Merely going to temples or romancing the camera in a cave or with disco bhajans DOES NOT make a “Hindu Leader”:

A true Hindu Leader would never bestow Mujibur Rahman any award from the GOI. That Modi cares two-hoots about the sentiments of Hindus and the tainted history of Mujibur is evident. To top that crime, Modi goes on to grandly claim that Mujibur is a hero for “all Indians”. That is an outright LIE and FALSEHOOD. It takes extraordinary cheapery for votes to slap Hindus on their face with such lies – Mujibur is not a hero for all Indians and I doubt he’s a hero for even Muslims in India. A staunch Modi supporter and activist for KPs, Sushil Pandit, minces no words in expressing his disgust at the twisted history that Modi wants to present for his Lipstick pursuits:

Even assuming that there is any justification for the award to Mujibur, million free vaccines, 109 ambulances there was no need for Modi to go to Dhaka. All of this could have been done in a simple or elaborate ceremony in Delhi too by inviting their PM. Apart from all this, Modi also announced scholarships for Bangla students. Needless to say, most of them would be to Muslims. The only reason Modi had to go to Bangla is for votes in Bengal and nothing else. Given the incidents last year, and given his experience in India itself Modi knew damn well there would be protests and violence in Bangladesh during and after his visit. And the ones paying the price for Modi’s vanity and lipstick are none other than the Hindus. They have been attacked again and their temples vandalized or destroyed. Even in Bengal, the GOI has enough powers to intervene (even without sacking the TMC govt) over crimes, widespread violence and wanton killing of Hindus including BJP Karyakartas, attacks on or curbing Hindu festivals. But for 7 years, Modi did NOTHING:

The Bangla Police fired on the violent rioters and have killed at least 10. But Modi and Amit Shah don’t do anything even if such violence happens in Delhi or anywhere in India. They don’t even open their mouths. Modi and BJP’s message is clear to hapless Hindus: “You can die or go to hell… We wont care or do any damn thing unless you vote us and bring us to power in your state”. So, whether it’s Hindus or their temples in Bengal, Andhra, TN, Kerala, Telangana, BJP and Modi will not do anything unless they are voted to power in every state.

Of course, there are morons who bring the nonsense of some imaginary “Federal structure” but they are blind to not see that when JP Nadda’s car was attacked (he wasn’t injured) Amit Shah immediately sprung into action. Seven persons were arrested, three FIRs were filed, Bengal Chief Secretary and DGP were summoned, three IPS officers were shunted. Hindu lives don’t matter – only lives of whiners like Nadda matter. And it’s not just in Bangladesh, 2 days ago, Sikhs at a Gurudwara at Nanded came out with swords attacking cops and others. At a temple in Badlapur (Thane Dist, Maharashtra) Muslims barged into a temple shouting slogans:

It is not as if Modi’s pursuit of bogus awards, recognition, pats on the back from West or Islamic states and twisted Muslim appeasement was not visible in his first term. Coupled with that, the only other goal BJP has is to win elections at any cost. Most of us thought that would be a passing craze with a new man enthusiastic about his job. But the unfortunate fact is, Modi has degenerated into nothing but a chaser of lipstick in everything he does. And the damage and price of this lipstick is being borne by Hindus.

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